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We are able to offer a wide range of cutting edge seasonings made in a modern production facility such as:

1. Savoury Seasonings such as for:

  • Nik naks

  • Soup mixes

  • Stew mixes

  • Stock powders

  • Ethnic African mixes like Usavi and Mchuzi

  • Jollof rice mixes

2. Sweet Seasonings such as for:

  • Rice cakes

  • Nik naks

  •  Beverage powders

  • Confectionery

  • Biscuits

  • Cake pre mixes

  • Energy drink powders

  • Herbal tonic mixes

3. Natural extract powders

  • Chicken flavor

  • Beef flavor

  • Fish flavor

  • Shrimp flavor


We offer world class cutting edge flavourings such as:


1. Maillard reaction flavours


2. Enzyme treated flavours

3. WONF flavours

4. Liquid flavours

5. Oil soluble flavours

6. Powder flavours

7. Encapsulated flavours

8. Flavours made using solvents as required by customers

9. Sweetener blends

Meat Analogs

We have developed a novel soya based meat analog that taste and has the texture of real meat. The meat analog will maintain its texture even with prolonged soaking.

The meat analogs can be used for the following applications:

1. Meat replacers

2. Pie Mixes

3. Sausage rolls

4. Noodle and pasta

5. Vegetarian patties

6. Fibre replacers in the meat industry

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